Liberty Charter High School MASH Play Was a Sucess

I feel that this play not only succeeded in the mindset that they had a great performance but also that the cast and crew did a wonderful job demonstrating the characters in the real TV show that came out in September of 1972. This rendition of the play was a series of the previous TV shows and the movie mashed... Continue Reading →


Migrants and Refugees for Italy

by Maria Gawendowicz 35 000 migrants from Africa have arrived in Italy this year alone. They are escaping from violence and death, especially from Eritrea . The passage is dangerous and the boats are usually not made to transport so many people or the conditions of the sea. At least 1 826 migrants died this... Continue Reading →

Final Girl Trailer Review

This year, (there is no set date yet), the thriller movie Final Girl is to come out. The movie is based in modern times, about a group of young men who invite young girls out for the night, end up luring them into the woods, giving them a head start, and then hunting them down... Continue Reading →

Nepal Earthquakes

by Madi Grill The country of Nepal, located on the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges has had many earthquakes lately (Zuberi, 2015). A shocking amount of 129 earthquakes in the past year, 118 of them being in this last month (EarthquakeTrack.2015). The people of Nepal went through all of this and 9 of... Continue Reading →

Cavs-Hawks Series Analysis: First Take

The semifinals are here!! The Golden State Warriors are taking on the Houston Rockets for King of the West. In the East the Atlanta Hawks are contending with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cleveland Cavaliers are the clear favorites in the series, but don’t count the Hawks out just so soon. The general opinion is the... Continue Reading →

Colombian mudslide

by Angelica Reyes Officials stated that on Monday a landslide sent mud and water crashing onto homes in a town in Columbia’s northwest mountains. More than 50 people were killed and dozens injured. In an Interview regional police commander Jose Angel Mendoza said: "The earth slid into the course of the La Liboriana ravine, then... Continue Reading →

Black Ops 3 coming soon

Black Ops 3 could possibly be the game of the year, this futuristic game will be released November 6, 2015 Activision has confirmed this. Now if you’re wondering if this game will be released for last gen consoles you’re out of luck. Activision has only confirmed the release for XboxOne, PlayStation4 and PC. Black Ops... Continue Reading →

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