Two Kids Were Taken

The amber alert on Wednesday May 22, 2015 was sent out at a little after 11 a.m. This was an alert describing that two kids, the ages of two and three, were taken by their father and were in a 2000 Gold Honda van. The father had the kids since Monday and Wednesday she sent out the amber alert. Earlier this day the father, Joe Ramirez, was told by his wife that she wanted a divorce. Most of the kids’ clothes, and camping gear were taken and the house was trashed. Not knowing what to do, the mother was very terrified. She says “I knew he did not have money, so I was just hoping that they were fed.”  Her daughter has not spent a night away from her mom, so she just hoped that the kids were safe. The mother said she has no idea why he would go to Washington because he has nothing in Washington.
About five hours later the amber alert was cancelled. The minivan was reported to by Washington police just North of Portland, Oregon. As the police were reading the amber alert, they saw the car. The police got the kids and father in custody. The mother had to drive up to Washington to get the kids and Joe Ramirez has to come to Nampa, Id to get charged. The police are still unsure if the father actually convicted a crime or if he did not. When he took the kids, even his family members were calling in to tell the authorities where they think he was going and doing.
For this odd occurrence, it worried very many people and he put the kids in danger. We are still unsure of why Joe Ramirez did this or what his plans were. He didn’t have a lot of money and  he was going to Washington. All we know is that the kids are safe and the father is in custody. He had the kids camping items. Joe Ramirez did not have a plan. He was just running away. The mother is happy the kids were found and that the kids are safe.


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