Charlotte, N.C. Meet Good Idea For Phelps?


Michael Phelps (ABC News)

For the first time in his professional swimming career Michael Phelps finished below 2nd place this past weekend at the 3 day Pro Swim Series Meet in Charlotte. Though he is a 22-time Olympic Medalist, from his five races he finished third, seventh, ninth, ninth and 11th.

At the meet Phelps told the media: “After seeing the performance of some of the people that we’ve seen this weekend, I think it’s probably a good thing that I’m not going to Worlds.” This may be a good things since Phelps is not able to go to the World Championships in Kazan, Russia this August due to his punishments from his DUI arrest this past September.

Phelps is now feeling the pressure as he has to catch up on training as he has to swim in the 2016 Summer Olympics with his 5th Olympic team. He plans on training later this Summer for three weeks at High Altitude in Colorado Springs.

Personally, I think that Phelps going to Charlotte was not the best idea. He was not trained properly, and wasn’t feeling it as he was going to the meet. This is not his most embarrassing moment that the media has caught from him, but it definitely has to be one. I think that it would have been better for him to skip this meet and train harder and longer for the meet coming up at the end of June.

June will bring Phelps and the rest of the team to Santa Clara, California for the Pro Swim Series Meet, we will see what Phelps does then.

Taken from NBC Olympic Talk.


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