Lester The Sick Man

In the month of December a man named Lester Palmer was arrested for abusing 2 young girls.

Lester was guilty for abusing these little girls in the most sickening way.  Palmer sexually abused the girls. Lester would watch inappropriate videos of the girls.By a person who will remain unknown,  Lester was told to take care of them over a period of seven months. (Sowell, J. 2015, May 20)

He admitted that when he was younger he had sexual contact with one of his siblings.  But still there is no excuse for what he did. He also admitted that he touched and did horrible things to the 4-5 year old girls.

Lester Palmer said that the victims made him do it. After he showed the girls the videos,  Palmer continued to abuse them thinking that these young children might want him to keep doing it. “Funny, these are children under six.” Sowell, J. (2015, May 20)

Months of abuse later, Lester finally told a friend of what he was doing and stopped. Also, Lester Palmer blamed the victims for forcing him to do it to them.

Canyon County prosecutor, Bryan Taylor,  said in a written statement, “To make matters worse, he tried to blame them for his actions and act like he was the one trying to stop it. He is a pedophile and there is no doubt in mind that he belongs behind bars where he can no longer be a danger to our children and our society.” Taylor is right. The pedophile blamed the little girls for something that they didn’t do. For a child forcing an adult to abuse them is very unlikely and unreal. A little girl telling a grown man to do this to her, no, that is not how you treat children. That is not how you treat them at all.

Hopefully by reading this horrific story it will make you grateful to be a parent who will take care of  your children and maybe to show that we need to take care of them better  and to entrust our children with the right people who we know they will keep them safe and not hurt them. People like Lester Palmer don’t think, they just do. “He may have had bad experience as a child but that is not an excuse to treat 5 year old children in that same fashion.” Sowell, J. (2015, May 20)

Those two little girls are scarred for life. I only hope that they will be safe and grow up to be beautiful and respectful women in the future. Lester Palmer will serve 10 to 30 years in prison for what he has done.


Sowell, J. (2015, May 20). Nampa man sent to prison for sexually abusing two young girls. Retrieved May 19, 2015, from Idaho Statesman: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2015/05/20/3812251/nampa-man-sent-to-prison-for-sexually.html


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