Bachelorette This Season: Kaitlyn Bristowe

This seasons Bachelorette turned out to be Kaitlyn Bristowe after a very close and hard vote by the 24 men in house. The first show started out with 25 men, but Ryan M was sent home for not being there for all the right reasons, being heavily drunken, and trying to touch the girls inappropriately, leaving them with only 24 men.

After Chris Harrison had told Kaitlyn she was going to be the Bachelorette, she was overwhelmed with a flood of emotions. She not only felt bad for being so excited but she also felt relieved that a majority of the men wanted her there over Brit. Later, Kaitlyn eventually returned to the guys to start getting to know them better before the Rose Ceremony where she would be sending some guys home.

Most of the guys that had voted for Brit wanted a chance with Kaitlyn to see if they could fall in love with her like they thought they would with Brit. Through some of the get-to-know-you time Kaitlyn received a hand-welded rose by Joshua, an industrial welder from Kuna, Idaho and a picture that one of the guys nephews drew for her, the picture was supposed to be a scene of her giving him a rose. Also Bachelorette, Kaitlyn, has her first kiss with dentist, Chris. The first impression rose was given to Shawn B because Kaitlyn felt like she had the best connection with him from the start. The first impression rose would save him in the Rose Ceremony to come.

Then, the Rose Ceremony. During the Rose Ceremony, many guys that voted for Kaitlyn are secretly grumbling about the guys that are getting roses that initially voted for Brit. They don’t think it’s fair that they’re being so wishy-washy about which girl they will be with. Fortunately for Kaitlyn, one man, Brady, decides to leave the Bachelorette house because he wants to find Brit and try to have a relationship with her because she was the real reason he wanted to be on the Bachelorette. After the elimination of some of the guys at the Rose Ceremony, there is a dramatic preview of some of the episodes to come and some very dramatic details.

Picture of Kaitlyn Bristowe, Bachelorette, from Photoshoot source:


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