Boise Farmers Market

Boise’s Farmers Market:


The Boise Farmers market takes place in lovely downtown Boise on Front Street and has been located there since 1994.  The Capital City market  was modeled after several different outdoor market like Pikes Place in Seattle Washington and the Portland Farmers Market in Oregon. It is one of the two farmers markets in Boise.

Every Saturday morning throughout the afternoon  ( 9:30 through 1:30) people gather in downtown Boise to enjoy the festivities of the Capital City Market. As a community the Boise Farmer’s market brings in hundreds of people every weekend to enjoy the homemade trinkets  and homegrown organic foods. The motto for the farmers market is “The Boise Farmers Market supports a regenerative, healthy food and agricultural system by operating a vibrant marketplace featuring locally grown and crafted products”. ( Boise Farmers Market 2015 Guide Book)

The Boise Farmers market is a non-profit organization that wants to  benefit the community and the farmers. Having the farmers market helps support the farmers in Idaho. It helps with several things in the community like the advertisement for small businesses that are just starting up.  The Farmers Market brings  the community  together. Having the market and festivities held in downtown Boise  also provides a fun and safe place to enjoy the weekend. According to Tripadvisor The Capital City market is a place that is necessary to stop at while you are in Boise. While walking around at the market you will be able to see all over downtown because of how much space the farmers market takes up.  There are hundreds of vendors ranging from locally grown produce to clothes. If you are interested in being apart of the farmers market there are several things that you need to do before you are able to set up your own booth such as paying the one hundred dollar fee. If you are in downtown Boise on a Saturday morning stop by and see what the Boise Farmers Market has for you.





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