Colombian mudslide

by Angelica Reyes

Officials stated that on Monday a landslide sent mud and water crashing onto homes in a town in Columbia’s northwest mountains. More than 50 people were killed and dozens injured. In an Interview regional police commander Jose Angel Mendoza said: “The earth slid into the course of the La Liboriana ravine, then the dammed water caused an avalanche which destroyed everything in its path”, in Salgar in Antioquia department. Rescue teams, including rescue dogs, are still looking for an unknown number of missing people. The national disaster unit said in a statement that 52 people were killed and 37 other people have been treated for injuries.

Residents digging with sticks and their hands looking for survivors. (

The country’s air force and the television news released images that show homes and streets covered in mud and debris in a town of a mountainous area close to the Colombian Andes.  As you can see in the image there’s residents digging with sticks and their hands looking for survivors.  President Juan Manuel Santos flew over the affected area to survey the damage and to meet with local authorities. President Juan Manuel Santos said: “We still don’t know how many people are missing”, he offered a public emergency freeing up relief funds for victims.  A resident also commented on a local media saying “People that you knew, children, young people, and whole families lost their homes. We are on alert because there are fears there could be another landslide”.  After the landslide people were saying that they almost got heart attacks from seeing big waves and people and pigs going down the water. Meteorology officials said that it’s expected less intense rain over the next two or three days. Colombians are celebrating the rescue of an 11 month old baby who was found more than half a mile from where he was sleeping. The baby was found face down after the mudslide. The mudslide killed the baby’s mother and also 11 other relatives. A doctor treated the baby and said he was very cold and he was nearing for Hypothermia but, he avoided greater damages because he was nestled in a padded crib when he was carried away by the current. Dr. Jesus Antonio Guisao said: “At first the baby was unconscious and didn’t open his eyes but he was breathing”. After the baby’s vital signs were established the baby was transferred to a hospital and is being monitored. The baby was found with a couple of bruises and a broken rib, but otherwise the baby is recovering very well. Everyone in the community including police, rescue dogs, and doctors are searching for any missing people and are taking care of the ones that are injured.

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