Final Girl Trailer Review


This year, (there is no set date yet), the thriller movie Final Girl is to come out.

The movie is based in modern times, about a group of young men who invite young girls out for the night, end up luring them into the woods, giving them a head start, and then hunting them down and killing them. So in other words, it’s a modern group, indie film version of The Most Dangerous Game.

The trailer starts off with a slightly creepy looking little girl, who is supposed to be the young version of the main character Veronica (Abigail Breslin). She’s asked if she’d like to have a job, a job most people can’t handle. She smiles as ‘yes’ answer, which, to be completely honest, makes me think she’s supposed to become the possessed daughter in a horror film, but instead it’s just a creepy child. It then cut scenes to a car driving down a dark road, with four people in it, The Mastermind (Alexander Ludwig), The Hipster (Wes Nelson), The Heavy Hitter (Brett London), and The Ladies Man (Cameron Bright). From what the trailer says, The Mastermind is the leader, has a thing for blondes, and is in charge of getting most of the girls. It does cutscenes for each boy, until it shows a girl running in a forest screaming, and the boys chasing after her whooping and shouting, carrying different weapons, axes and guns and such. The four boys stand over a girl who is sitting by a tree, clearly terrified, as it blacks out, and a scream cuts out. Then it’s back to the boys being casual, specifically The Mastermind, who walks into the diner that looks like it will be a main part of the movie, and spots our female hero protagonist sitting in a corner booth. They have an argumentive flirty conversation, “What are you doing Saturday night?” “Washing my hair.” “No, you’re doing that Friday night.” He tells her she’s going to meet him there that night, wearing red lipstick. She seems to be completley unaware of what is to come, when she meets up with his group. “Hello boys, I’m Veronica.” The scene changes to Veronica and Mastermind sitting on a couch out in the woods. “So, are you ready for a game?” “Depends on what kind of game.” “I want you to run Veronica.” “And then what?” “And then, we hunt you down.” She starts running, and the mood of the trailer picks up. It does flashbacks of her training, and the ending scene is her scratched up holding an axe in her red dress. Her and Alexander are sitting in the diner, and she’s eating a milkshake, dirty, scratched, and slightly bloody.

I think we can look forward to this movie.