Living Fossil Found



frilled shark

If you’ve never thought much about sharks or at least after seeing a corny movie such as “Jaws” you may not think that a shark can be scary, if so you never seen something like this. The creature is called the frilled shark and it has 300 needle like teeth in 25 rows.

January 21st 20015 (yes that’s right, this year) a fisherman on the coast of Australia caught the specimen, giving us a rare glimpse of this living nightmare.  When the fisherman hauled the shark from the net, they weren’t sure what they had found. “We couldn’t find a fisherman who had ever seen one before.” Simon Boag CEO of the South East Trawl Fishing Association stated. Usually this particular species keeps to a much grater depth but the unlucky shark was caught 2,296 ft. below the waters surface.

The frilled shark or living fossil as it’s sometimes referred to because of the fact it’s appearance has changed very little over 80 million years, resembles an eel. It’s called a frilled shark because it’s first pair if gills that go all the way across it’s throat, each being lined in red which appears like frills on a dress. Eel like in appearance they can grow up to six feet long and it’s believed when hunting it can hoover in the water to strike at it’s prey like a snake. If that isn’t terrifying enough, this shark uses it’s bright white teeth in contrast to the dark color of it’s body to lure prey. By the time the prey realizes that it’s a trap,there is no escaping the razor teeth and if that’s not enough the sharks mouth is also lined with spines called dermal denticles.

Discovered by a German scientist in the 19th century, it was noted as being a sea serpent of sorts, an unsettling monster of the deep. This description is fitting for a creature that looks like something out of science fiction novel and even though it’s not usually seen, discoveries of the frilled shark shows it has been documented in many parts of the world.

It’s believed that there are many undiscovered species that lurk below the depths of lakes and oceans, once in a while we get a chance to encounter a real sea monster like the frilled shark. Like Mr. Boag said of this bizarre find  “It’s a freaky thing,  I don’t think you would want to show the little children before they go to bed.”



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