Migrants and Refugees for Italy

by Maria Gawendowicz

35 000 migrants from Africa have arrived in Italy this year alone. They are escaping from violence and death, especially from Eritrea . The passage is dangerous and the boats are usually not made to transport so many people or the conditions of the sea. At least 1 826 migrants died this year so far on the dangerous trip and one of those migrants stated: “I would rather risk this than death at home. Human traffickers promise the refugees that they would have comfortable and safe trip into a better world, but the reality is much different.
Just last Wednesday on May 13th, the Italian Navy ship rescued 290 Eritrean migrants. In one of four boats the passengers were dead when the boats were found. The numbers of escapers are climbing and the number of people who die on those passages is a multiple of last year’s victims.


Europe got a lot of criticism for not taking this seriously enough. After the disaster on Wednesday and the cases previously, the EU stepped up funding.
The help they offer is very militaristic and Europe, especially Italy struggles to take all those immigrants in. Europe also set up a naval mission to search for the gangs that organize the illegal trips.

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