Nepal Earthquakes

by Madi Grill

The country of Nepal, located on the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges has had many earthquakes lately (Zuberi, 2015). A shocking amount of 129 earthquakes in the past year, 118 of them being in this last month (EarthquakeTrack.2015). The people of Nepal went through all of this and 9 of them were this past week (EarthquakeTrack,2015).

The deputy prime minister, Bamdev Gautam, has stated a country emergency and wants humanitarian assistance (Williams, 2015). India has sent dispatches of relief and medical teams to Nepal, they also evacuated Indian visitors (Williams,2015). These earthquakes are causing many difficulties for the residents of this country. Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and some people have to stay the night on the streets because there isn’t anywhere for them to go (Williams, 2015).

More than 1,000 people were killed when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake lit up Nepal (Williams, 2015). During the time it happened there were climbers on Mt. Everest and 18 of them were found dead while some are still trapped (Williams, 2015). Kathmandu Valley and the Capital counted 934 people together killed in their areas (Williams, 2105). Many people were killed in other places like India, China, Bangladesh, and Tibet. Three quarters of the lives that were taken were due to buildings collapsing (Cross, 2015). The earthquakes affected over eight million people (USAID). Many people are left with close to nothing.

(The Indian Express)

From past tragedies like the earthquake in Haiti and hurricane Katrina it is known that the recovery did not do it’s job well, so they have to find a better recovery plan (Abir and Moore). They need to approach the problem with better personnel, health care, and equipment (Abir and Moore). These disasters could be better dealt with by individuals with good leadership, coordination, communication, and involvement (Abir and Moore). Better disaster management could help reduce the pain that families endure.
The total cost to recover everything that is damaged is going to be an amount of about two hundred million dollars. There are going to be fundraisers and donations to try to help the people of Nepal get through this.

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