Update On Selena Thomas Murder

“Alfredo Martinez admitted he beat Selena Thomas to death,” is the first sentence in the latest update of news on the murder of Selena Thomas, Alfredo Martinez’s girlfriend, which occurred on August 15, 2014 (Idaho Statesman, May 18, 2015).

On August 15, a Friday, Martinez and Thomas were in a relationship fight at the home that they were sharing in West Nampa. An autopsy showed that there were at least three blows to Thomas’s head and one to her arm (11 Alive news, Sept. 18, 2014). After what seems like were a couple punches, Martinez grabbed a metal hammer. The hammer connected with its target, Selena’s head. Bleeding, she stepped towards him. He shoved her back, causing her to fall and hit her head on the dresser on the way down. The blow knocked her out. Panicking, 39-year-old Alfredo rolled her body into a bedroom closet. covered her with a towel, and turned her towards the back of the closet so that he would not have to see her face (11 Alive news, Sept. 18, 2014). In some accounts, it was also alleged that she was still gurgling on her own blood.

Martinez then went to the house of his nephew, Jose Cruz Flores. Martinez says that he then took Flores and Daniel Francisco Sena to a strip club and told them what had happened. Thomas was in the closet for two days. Flores went over to the house and loaded some of Thomas’s possessions into his truck, including a lawn mower and her electric toothbrush. Martinez also brought another man to the house, Jorge Luis Garcia, who saw Martinez dragging a sheet-wrapped body from the closet into the trunk of Thomas’s white Monte Carlo. Flores had driven around for quite some timing looking for a place to hide Selena’s body, for they were trying to look for a place with soft dirt. Later, Martinez, Sena, and Flores drove to a rural area south of Melba, and decided on a cornfield near Can-Ada road (Idaho Statesman, May 18, 2015). Martinez “…began digging the grave while Sena and Flores smoked methamphetamine in the car, then joined him,” (11 Alive news, Sept. 18, 2014). The three of them took turns digging and then buried the dead body of Selena Thomas in the grave, after tying her ankles and wrists. The men vowed to deny the knowledge of the woman missing if asked by police.

Later, after unsuccessful attempts of contact, Thomas’s co-workers came to her home to find her Monte Carlo in the driveway with the keys in the ignition and her purse on the passenger side. Thomas’s mother then called the police (Idaho statesman, May 18, 2015). Martinez turned himself into the police on August 23.

As of news released on the 18th of this month, Martinez is finally pleading guilty. The other three men involved are all still pleading not guilty. Flores, Martinez’s nephew, is charged with accessory to murder, concealing or destroying evidence, burglary and a new count of failure to notify of a death and is scheduled to go to trial Aug. 17. Jorge Luis Garcia is charged with concealing or destroying evidence and failure to notify of a death and is scheduled to go to trial May 26. Daniel Francisco Sena is charged with concealing or destroying evidence and is scheduled for trial Aug. 25. Retired Nampa Police, Chief Curtis Homer worked after Thomas’s death to start a program in where people can check if a person has a violent criminal past, for Homer has a daughter who was also previously abused by Martinez.

Martinez, Flores,Sena, Garcia (https://mylifeofcrime.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/selena-thomas-suspects.jpg)



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