Liberty Charter High School MASH Play Was a Sucess

I feel that this play not only succeeded in the mindset that they had a great performance but also that the cast and crew did a wonderful job demonstrating the characters in the real TV show that came out in September of 1972. This rendition of the play was a series of the previous TV shows and the movie mashed together. It highlights some of the ways the army unit works together and in other ways don’t always end up working together.

The two main characters, Hawkeye and Duke were played by Jared Fleshman and Martin Carro. They did a great job, Jared portrayed the part of the homesick doctor particularly well definitely giving it his all. One of his scenes in particular caught my attention, it was the scene in which he pretended to be mentally unstable so he could return to the states, promptly terrifying a nurse. Although for the most part their part in the play was to be funny and to play jokes they did have their more serious moments, such as when they attempt to raise money for a poor Korean boy to go to College in the states.

My favorite characters in the play would have to be Major Houlihan, played by Tasha and Corporal Radar O’Reilly, played by Zayne Sedrick. Tasha took on the part of Major Houlihan so well she could have played her in the TV series, she constantly had her hand placed on her hips and her mouth crunched up saying the lines, “How DARE you address me in that fashion!” Especially after an encounter with Hawkeye and Duke who proceed to call her “Hot Lips” at every turn. She complains to higher officer many times but to no avail in the end she accepts the and respects them for their outstanding surgeon skills but no more. Tasha held this part in the palm of her hand playing the up tight, rough Major well. Although Corporal Radar O’Reilly was less prominent in the play he still was a funny and important part. Throughout the play you could find Zayne with his head to the floor listening to far off conversations playing him extremely accurately. His interjections led to interesting plot twists in the play that made it all the more interesting.

This play was definitely a success. The background and props for the play were amazing and the lighting was perfect. The cast and crew did an excellent job on this play and I look forward to seeing another of their spectacular plays again soon.

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