Chinese Nail House

China is trying to build a highway in the same spot where a nail house was built for about 95,000 dollars, so the family who owns the nail is deciding to refuse to move or let them destroy the nail house . the nail house is built around an active highway that had cost only... Continue Reading →


Liberty and Victory Charter Schools have After- Graduation Party at BSU

The seniors of Liberty and Victory Charter Schools are celebrating their graduation on Friday, June 5 at Boise State University from 10P.M. through 1A.M. Saturday morning. Liberty Charter School and Victory Charter School have their graduations on Thursday, June 4 at the Brandt Center at NNU at 6P.M. At Boise State, the seniors will be... Continue Reading →

3 Star Recruit Commits To Boise State

  Malek Harwell, a 3 star rate basketball player from Centruy High School in Pocatello, commits to Boise State University. He is a 6 foot 4 inch point guard, is a top rated prospect in the state of Idaho. As a senior he averaged ¬†points and almost 5 rebounds per game and was the leader... Continue Reading →

Parties Galore and Sad Goodbyes

Many students are graduating right now and so many have already graduated. Personally my favorite part of graduation, as a sophomore, is the parties. So many grads have parties and they're sad, because they'll be leaving us, but they are tons of fun and always have fabulous food. Most parties have a wide range of... Continue Reading →

Europe Vs. America Graduation

Imagine studying an extra year in high school just to graduate - that is what it feels like in most European countries. In America, we can graduate if you can pass ninth-grade math, English and science. We take certain classes and can graduate as long as we complete all of them with at least a... Continue Reading →

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