CWI Graduation

CWI Graduation

Photo from the CWI Website of graduation.

This spring of 2015, CWI had their gradutation ceremony at the Taco Bell Arena on May 9th, at 7:00 PM.

The graduation honors were a success. The minimum was GPA was  3.5. They also needed an honor card. That allowed them to get there cap and gown. The cost of their honor card depended on their GPA last year.

The grades for the graduation requirements were for the last 4-6 weeks of the semester. So they had to work hard those last few weeks.

They had reserve everything, their seats, cap and gown, check their CWI email for info and updates so they know the new information. Any apprenticeships had to be complete and submitted. When applying for graduation they were told to have all of their final semester degree or certificates requirements complete and to apply by the second week of the semester you are graduating to make sure your name will be printed in the commencement program.

The also said that students who have completed GED requirements for graduation by March 31, 2015 are able to participate in the May 9, 2015 commencement ceremony. So if they complete a certain assignment then they can attend the ceremony wow that’s rough so if I don’t complete it I don’t attend the ceremony, college is rough.

For the graduates arrangements had been made with graduates walking across the stage taking photos of them.

Families are encouraged to stay in their seat throughout the ceremony. So that after they can take pictures.

The ceremony was great, they had bagpipes coming in an playing a song everyone supporting them, the head of the college spoke like no other everyone got there diploma and a big shout for the graduates. I’m glad the graduation went smoothly and that everyone graduated and everyone is happy.

Funny after reading this article on the CWI website this makes me think about what college I’m going to go into. I only hope I get the chance to get into CWI because it has been a dream and I want to see on the news that the class I was in graduates with smiles on our face because we were happy we succeed in something amazing graduating college.