Studying Abroad

The benefits of going to college outweigh the benefits of graduating high school diploma. Attending a university has several benefits. For example according to people that graduate college make up to a million more dollars in there life time then a person that only has a high school diploma.

It is a proven fact that if you have a college diploma  you have a better chance of getting a job. After you graduate from high school you think that all of the hard work is done. But college is full of a lot of work and  things that you are going to have to get used to there are ways to enjoy college. Like being able to  have the option to  study abroad. Traveling abroad for a semester or a year is a great opportunity. You are able to experience the world. Get a good education in a different culture. Along with learning about a specific culture, you are able to practice and master the native language of that country. If you already know a language the best way to master it is to speak and hear people speak in it all the time. There is no better way than to go and visit that area.

When looking for a job, having experience in another country would look good on a resume and help lead to a good career in many different areas. Along with visiting another school in another country you are able to experience another country/culture and you can find new things that you are in interested in. When trying to get into another school it looks very good that you attended a school in a different country. It is also a great life experience and something that would fun and beneficial to do.


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