What’s The Issue? I’ll graduate next year…maybe- Done

What’s The Issue? I’ll graduate next year…maybe

In the world of today we find that there are more and more frequent issues dealing with high school drop outs. Statistics from  Education Week, Children Trends Database says that in the United States 8300 high school students drop out each day. That’s 3,030,000 annually. Only 85.3% of Americans have a high school diploma. The percentage of dropouts in Idaho is even more baffling. A stifling 78% in the year of 2006.” Idaho is in the bottom 10 states for its people going on and finishing in a four year college. Idahoans who end their education with high school can expect to earn half those with a four year degree.” Idaho Go On Organization. It is important that once you graduate from High School you go on to college, this statement is the basic statement that the Idaho Go On organization is based off of. This organization visits schools in the state of Idaho and organize a program with the schools to help their graduating students keep going into college. It is also not only a school event, it also has online resources that are fun ways to prepare you for college, High School students and middle school students all have the opportunity to earn badges and awards that all lead to helping graduating students go on to college. One of their biggest parts is the Idaho go on pledge. This Idaho go on organization is an amazing organization go to http://www.go-on-idaho.org/know-the-stats/ to know all of the facts. Graduating from high school is important but it is also important that we go on to graduate from colleges and universities so that we can have the most successful lives possible.







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