The Meaning of Graduation Gowns

Graduating from college and having a degree in something you love, is a big step towards the world. With the graduation of college, comes the level of degrees a person experiences in college. There is associate degree, bachelor, masters, and then doctoral degree. An associate’s degree is an undergraduate academic degree by community colleges or universities that usually lasts about 2 years. Along with the degree, comes the gown. The gown contains the color of black or grey and worn closed in the front. The cap may or may not wear a mortarboard cap with tassel. For bachelor degrees, the gown is black with pointed sleeves and worn crossed in the front along with the cap, as a standard mortarboard cap with the tassel, which could be black or school colors.

For the master’s degree gown, it contains oblong sleeves which are arched at the wrists and a square at the bottom. The front can be open or closed with fasteners. The cap is traditional with the colors of black or school theme color. Last but surely not least is the doctoral degrees. This gowns contain velvet panels and sleeve chevrons. The cap has a motor board of soft tam. Option is designed by the school during graduation ceremony.

There is etiquette when it comes to men and woman wearing their graduation gowns. For men, wear dark trousers, dark socks, shoes, and a neatly-pressed, light colored dress shirt with a dark tie underneath an academic gown. Cap is worn flat on head and the gown should fall midway between the knee and the ankle. For woman, wear dark slacks, a dress, or a skirt and a light-colored dress blouse with dark with dark shoes. High heels are not recommended. The cap is worn flat on head and the gown should reach between the knee and ankle.

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