Different Advantages of College Classes that Differ from your Major

We all want our lives to be successful, but we don’t want to take the time or the effort that it takes to learn and develop new skills. If you don’t study and become fluent in that knowledge, you will have disadvantages in life. After High school, you have the experience of college. While your in college take different classes to broaden your knowledge. There are several advantages to taking different classes while in college that completely differ from the major and career you have chosen for yourself. Diversity in your education is a major benefit in your life.

For example: if you are majoring in business, you may take the classes: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, or International Business. Some different classes that would benefit you and your business include: Art/Design, this can add to your business skills because you would have the knowledge to create and make the business or company more appealing to your customers. With studying History, you would be able to see how companies in the past may have succeeded or failed and be able adapt your company to these winning strategies. Journalism/Writing will affect business skills because you will have strong writing skills and be able to explain your ideas more effectively and be more persuasive to your customers . With all of these examples, it is easy to relate them to your major, or maybe not even at all. It will benefit you to make your education greater with studying different classes.


Choosing a career is difficult, there are so many different jobs out there. You don’t want to make a mistake in choosing your lifestyle. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, you should take classes that spark your interest. Don’t take super easy classes, just open your eyes to different ideas, become diverse in many subjects.

My sister is in college, she is studying to become a Physical Therapist. In her college experience, she has taken many classes that don’t relate to her major. For example, she has taken Tennis, Volleyball, and Bowling. Yes, these seem to be easy courses, but she has made it more challenging to herself by learning more about these sports and she is connecting the injuries and knowledge she obtained from these classes to how she can heal the injury if someone comes to her with an injury from one of these sports.

Diversity in your educational skills are very important. Beth Morrow states, “Success in a diverse classroom comes from a balance of student-self awareness and community acceptance of others”. All what you need to do is put forward the effort to succeed in life, don’t let your life slide past, make the most out of what you can.

Ashlynd Jensen

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