Top 5 Graduation Fails

Graduation Fails

Graduations are a happy time in everybody’s life especially graduating high school. It means that you’re a grown up you look after yourself now, your being released into the world, but sometimes a your graduation can be an embarrassing moment in your life when you’re going up there for your handshake and diploma and the you trip over the step leading to your final moments of  high school an embarrassing one. These are the top 5 graduation fails.

These are all based off of one video; the link will be at the bottom.

5) In the number five spot is a kid walking up to the podium in a single file line to receive his high school diploma when all of the sudden you see him slip trip over one of the speakers place on the ground below the podium, he falls off of the podium and hits the ground and to top off the humiliation he just lays on the grown for a little bit like a rag doll. When he falls imagine the word wasted as if you had just died off Grand Theft Auto. Time 0:07

4) Coming in at the number four spot is a streaker. But he is not completely naked he has his cap and gowned on. He came sprinting through a baseball field were an event was happening… and then you see a guard come running towards him. The streaker attempts to truck the guard out of his way but the guard gets ahold of his gowned and slows him down enough for 3 other guards and 2 cops to get over to tackle him completely to the ground. I guess if you’re going to go streaking go with no clothes if you don’t want to get caught. Time 0:17

3) In at number three is the national anthem gone wrong. There is this poor girl singing the national anthem when all of the sudden she forgets the words to the anthem. With a 5 second pause you hear someone trying to get her started again, she picks up where she left off and then a sentence later she forgot another part. After this part she is standing up there embarrassed then the clip ends. Time 0:50

2) In at the number two spot is a woman who think she can walk in high heels but sadly can’t and she learned this the hard way. There are 2 nice organized lines of people walking down their football field when the young lady who is about to have the happiest me of her life is breaking her ankles down the walk way in the middle of the football field. If it wasn’t embarrassing enough she does that through the entire walkway falling down like a new born baby deer 3 times! Time 2:32

1) And at the number one place is a kid who trips and falls on stage. After receiving his handshake and diploma he walks of casually when out of nowhere he trips over… nothing. The trip was so bad that there was a point where he was completely off the ground. This isn’t even the most embarrassing about this fall, the most embarrassing part is that he had failed to use his hands to catch himself so he hit the ground really hard and nearly face plants. He hit the ground so hard to where his cap came off. Now just watch the video and right when you see him trip imagine an explosion right behind him. Time 1:07

If you haven’t graduated yet just hope that one these embarrassing moments don’t happen to you.


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