Senior Graduate, Martin Caro

Martin Caro is a senior at Liberty Charter High School, who is an aspiring film maker. He has a youtube channel that he shares with his siblings, called Expensive Family . “I mean, I used to just look at things and pass through life, but then when I started getting interested in film making, it was like, I could be having a conversation with somebody and I’m always looking at stuff for filming, framing, which is fun until I’m in like, math class and I realize I’m half way through class and I haven’t paid attention to anything, but I have an entire movie planned out. It’s like, I have no idea whats going on, but hey, maybe one day I can make that movie.” With director inspirations like Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas, he has high hopes for his future.

When asked about movie inspirations, his answers were more detailed than a simple, ‘I liked the acting’, or ‘the plot was good.’ “Definitely Taxi Driver. Martin Scorsese does such a great way of bringing a simple plot to life, and making it constantly interesting. Also Reservoir Dogs, the story behind it is just so inspiring.” Martin talks about how Quentin had dropped out of high school, and it was his first film, which he funded and wrote himself. Having not a very large budget, and no high school degree, he would work for a year, build up money, and continue to work back on the film for a year until his money would run out. He ended up sending the script to one of his friends who knew his favorite actor to see if he could help him out. His wife was a producer, who produced it with him, with his favorite actor. “Which is pretty cool, I mean, that just so cool. He pretty much just got lucky.”

Martin is currently working on a horror movie titled ‘Leech’. He hopes for it to reinvent the horror genre by going through the more psychological route instead of going the jump scare and visually scary version. “The main character is a girl, which I thought it might get a bad rep for the title being ‘Leech’. I’m not sexist, and I thought about changing the gender to a boy, just to lessen the negativity a quick view would get it, but it just didn’t sit right with me, and I felt like the main character should be a girl, just because it fits the story a lot more.”

I think we can expect to hear about Martin in the future.