Top 5 Graduation Fails

Graduation (

Have you ever gone to a graduation and wondered how many more graduation speeches it will take until you fall over and give up on life. I wondered this a lot, given the fact that all my siblings have graduated, and I’ve had to sit through everyone of their graduations. If you have witnessed a graduating student that has fallen or lost their balance while walking to get their diploma’s, you were probably thinking to your self, ‘ How are they even graduating, they can’t even walk .’ These were the thoughts in my head when I watched this video of different graduation fails.

The first video was a guy who had just graduated and went to a champion baseball game to celebrate. He ran through the baseball field and eight or more guards came and tackled him, along with three other police men. What started out as a baseball game turned in to a football game mixed with an episode of cops. He planned on having that felling of being on a real champion baseball field, but it turned into him spending a few nights in jail. What a great graduation present. Even if you don’t like baseball, I suggest taking your next graduating friend there. You might get more then what you came for.

The second of the graduation fails was a girl going up to get her diploma. She chose a bad day to wear her tallest high heels. She had to walk up eight steps of stairs to get up to the podium, and on the last step she fell and smashed her face in to the floor. This is why you shouldn’t wear sky scraper high heels anywhere. You might break your face like this girl did.

The third graduation fail was a girl that went up to the podium to sing the national anthem but when she went up there, she forgot the words. Every two to three minutes she would say a line or two of the rest of the song and then forget the next line. I knew the national anthem since I was in second grade, that would be embarrassing.

The fourth fail was a guy who wanted to get off the stage so fast after getting his diploma that he was running off. He probably thought he could fly, too, because it didn’t even look like he tried to walk down the stairs. He just fell straight down and fell on his head. It didn’t look like he used his head very much so I don’t think it mattered that he fell.

The last fail that was hilarious was a guy who thought it would be cool to do a back flip after he shook his principles hand. I think its a good idea, if you actually knew how to do a back flip. He attempted to do what seemed like his first back flip and landed on his neck. Its pretty funny if you think about it because instead of going out and doing something fun after his graduation he got to go to the hospital.

These where the top five fails of 2014 and its a shame I couldn’t be there to see them in person. Graduation fails always lighten up the mode of a graduation and I hope you get to experience one some day, or it could be you experiencing it.

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