Graduations in Brazil

Brzilian Graduations School is free and compulsory for students at the primary (ages 7–14) and secondary (ages 15–17) levels, but roughly three-fifths of Brazilians have only four years of schooling or less. Approximately nine-tenths of children aged 7–14 are enrolled in school (in contrast to 1960, when only half of the children of that age... Continue Reading →


Liberty Charter High School is Graduating

In 2015 Liberty Charter High School has a class of 41 graduating. Every year Liberty has a graduating class every year however, this year there are 10 foreign exchange students, this school is gifted and able to get foreign exchange students. These foreign exchange students are very lucky to be able to graduate with the... Continue Reading →

Australian Graduation

  Graduation is something every country has I believe. It is a very important part of someone’s life. After you graduate from either high school or college you should feel accomplished! People will usually give you flowers or graduation gifts because it is a big deal. It is one of the biggest memories you will... Continue Reading →

Graduation Parties

Graduation is a time to celebrate the right of passage to adult hood. After the graduation ceremony what do you do, well you have a party of course. Graduation parties are a way to celebrate the accomplishment of a students long life of work. They started since Kindergarten up to their senior year in high... Continue Reading →

Final Good Bye to Seniors

It’s that time again, time to wear the cap and gown and stand with the friends you’ve shared many memories with, you take that nerve wracking walk to be handed  your diploma, that magical piece of paper you’ve waited twelve years for. After that moment the next thing that’s on your mind is the graduation... Continue Reading →

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