Australian Graduation


Graduation is something every country has I believe. It is a very important part of someone’s life. After you graduate from either high school or college you should feel accomplished! People will usually give you flowers or graduation gifts because it is a big deal. It is one of the biggest memories you will have of being a teenager or early adult.


Most graduations for high school in America are emotional times. All of the parents and families of the students are crying with joy that their little baby is becoming an adult, and that they are turning the page into a new chapter of their life. Usually everyone gathers in a big building or gym. The graduating class will sit in chairs facing the stage and everyone will watch pictures of the kids on a screen and announce kids who had special achievements. These kids may or may not come up and speak, but the president and vice president will prepare a speech that they will present. Also, the valedictorian and runner up will be announced and they will most likely say at least a few words. Then all of the students will stand up in a line and individually their name will be called, they will go up shake hands with all of the people up there and grab their diplomas. After that they have been graduated. After that the school usually puts on a grad party for all of the students.


From the information I have read, a high school graduation in Australia is very different from how it works in America. It doesn’t sound like it is a very special occasion, but there are reasons for that. It takes like an hour and the students sit with their parents in their school uniforms. (Yahoo)  The principal and captain give talks and the graduates received a certificate and a pen. (Yahoo) They also let balloons go, in a hallway due to environmental reasons. (Yahoo) At this point the students don’t even know if they have graduated because their school year is so different than ours they go to school January through December. (Yahoo)  They take many exams towards the end of the year and won’t know how they did until about six months after that ceremony. (Yahoo)0

It’s very weird yet interesting how an important occasion in America can be so different in another country.