Boise State Graduation 2015

Commencement, Spring, John Kelly photo

Boise State Graduation 2015

The Boise State University graduated on Saturday, May 9th. The graduation was held at the Taco Bell Arena at 10 am.

Boise State University is a research university with a wide variety of different degrees. Boise state has summer, fall, and spring courses you can take. They have classes for graduate and undergraduates. You can graduate with an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate. They have a ton of different programs to choose from. There are multiple different colleges within the university including: honors college, graduate college, college of engineering, college of education, and college of health sciences. To graduate you have to have a certain amount of credits depending on what you are majoring in. Boise State University offers a wide variety of different coursed and different parts of the college you can major in. Students from all over attend Boise State. Boise State is known to be one of the most successful colleges in the state. Not everyone is cut out to graduate from Boise State University but those who are put every little bit of effort into having enough credits to graduate. Those who do graduate get to attend the spectacular ceremony that Boise State puts on. 

The graduation took place on Saturday, May 9th at the Taco Bell Arena. Tickets were not required but the seats were first come first serve. The parking was free all day. The doors opened at 8:30 and the ceremony was at 10. The student speaker for the spring commencement was Yara Slaton from Boise. She graduated with a degree in international business and a minor in arabic studies. With her outstanding academics and all of her hard work she was awarded “Best in class”. The commencement honored the graduates. They honored those who were doctoral candidates as well. Graduating from college is not something everyone does and the amount of students that graduate now from Boise State University, is crazy and very successful. The ceremony was beautiful and very professional. Every individual was recognized for their accomplishments and that is huge. Graduating from Boise State University is not easy but it sure is possible. Congratulations to the Boise State University class of 2015. You are all now college graduates.


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