College Student John Wall gets Drafted into the NBA

John Wall Getting Drafted (

According to the NCAA, there are 18,320 student athletes that play basketball in college. Out of those 18,320, there are only 60 draft slots available each year in the NBA draft. There are on average 12 international players drafted per year in the draft. Out of the last fifteen number one picks in the NBA draft. Only Kenyon Martin had 4 years of college under his belt. Blake Griffin and Andrew Bogut both attended college for 2 years, and out of the other 11, 3 came straight out of high school into the NBA, two were from different countries. Seven out of the last eight NBA number one overall picks went to college for only their Freshman year. One reason that many athletes drop out before completing college is that they have dedicated their whole life to the sport they play. They can’t comprehend the fact that all of that work might go to waste if they do not play professionally. 75% of Men’s DivisionI  Basketball players believe that they will go pro. In reality, only 1.2% will go pro. Additionally, 424 athletes from the 2013 draft class signed to play with a NBA D-League team or an International team. According to the “Inside higher Education article, A Long Shot by Jake New, Over 50% of DivisionII basketball players believe that they will go pro, yet according to, out of the 2014-2015 opening day roster for the NBA, only 1% of the players were DivisionII. That means that there is less than a 1% chance that a DivisionII player makes it onto an NBA opening day roster. So, what happens to that other 49% that believe they are good enough to join the NBA? They have devoted their whole life to this one sport and suddenly they are told that they can not follow there dream any farther, that they aren’t good enough to keep doing what they love. This is a hard thing to do and most coaches will not do it. They will tell the student athlete that they are good enough and that they can make the pros. This makes the student athlete become more just an athlete and they forget about their schooling. And when the inevitable comes, they have no career to fall back on because they have dedicated their whole college life to that sport.