Final Good Bye to Seniors

senior picIt’s that time again, time to wear the cap and gown and stand with the friends you’ve shared many memories with, you take that nerve wracking walk to be handed  your diploma, that magical piece of paper you’ve waited twelve years for. After that moment the next thing that’s on your mind is the graduation party! This past week many people attended parties as well as throwing some of their own. For example Moscow Senior High School organized a page on Facebook to outline the actives, have a guest attendance list and also allowing the students to add to the checklist of things that needed to be done. Social media sites like Facebook make planning a graduation party a little less chaotic. Even if the event is just a party at a friend’s and not sponsored by your high school it’s always good to plan ahead. This past week Liberty Charter’s juniors hosted a picnic at the park for the graduating seniors. It looked like a fun filled day and it’s a great idea to have the junior class congratulate the seniors with a farewell party.  Some schools plan an all-night event after graduation to lessen the possibility of under aged drinking and driving, which it seems like most kids enjoy the idea of being in a safe environment with food, friends and fun.

When the time comes for my senior year I have thought ahead, I would like to plan a bon fire event where everyone is allowed to stay as late as they would like, so the graduates can have fun together and remember the time we spent in school.

Hopefully all the parties celebrating this great life milestone went well and showed true appreciation for all the years of hard work. Many houses over this past week had tons of cars, and balloons outside to celebrate. One house I passed even had a huge inflatable water slide as part of the entertainment.

As this school year comes to a close, I realize that in two more years I’ll be the graduating senior, no doubt the time will go buy quickly. Soon we’ll plan our own graduation parties as well as our good byes!

On a final thought I’d like to say congratulations to the senior class of 2015, and I wish them luck in the future.

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