Graduation Parties

Graduation-Party-Golden-Triangle-TXGraduation is a time to celebrate the right of passage to adult hood. After the graduation ceremony what do you do, well you have a party of course. Graduation parties are a way to celebrate the accomplishment of a students long life of work. They started since Kindergarten up to their senior year in high school. These parties give you the chance to congratulate the person who just did a major accomplishment in their life but it also gives them the chance to say good bye before they move on. I’ve been t to a few graduation parties myself and there are a few different kinds. The two types of parties that I have been at was a formal one, and the other was was more casual. When I went to the formal one I was all dressed up in nice pants and a tie. At the party there was catering with all the nice plates and silver wear and most of the time I did’t know what half of the food was. It was a very fancy graduation party. Then there is the more casual type of party. When I went to this party I did’t have to be to dressed up, I went in cargo shorts and a t-shirt. The food that they served wasn’t as fancy but just as good. Unlike the more fancy party we played some volleyball had a bon fire and it was more with friends instead of just a family thing. I enjoyed both parties but it really did’t matter how fancy or casual it was I was with my family and friends and I think that was the most important thing about both parties. Spending time with friends and family who you care about.

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