Liberty Charter High School is Graduating


In 2015 Liberty Charter High School has a class of 41 graduating. Every year Liberty has a graduating class every year however, this year there are 10 foreign exchange students, this school is gifted and able to get foreign exchange students. These foreign exchange students are very lucky to be able to graduate with the Liberty seniors. In order to graduate from Liberty, there are a lot of things you have to do before graduating. These seniors have worked very hard and now all of their hard work has paid off, all of the seniors had to go through senior projects which involves about a 12 page paper and comes with an 8-10 minute presentation. They have worked very hard on a various amount of projects and school work for this day to finally arrive.

These 31  seniors have worked very hard for this day, this day comes very soon the seniors are done on Thursday, June 4th and is the seniors and most of the foreign exchange students last day. This is very exciting because after this day the Liberty Seniors are done with high school. The graduation will be happening on Thursday June 4th at the Brandt Center, NNU. This is going to be a good even where the graduating class of 2015 from Liberty Charter High School, all the seniors will be acknowledged for their great years at Liberty. This will be a very fun and important night for the seniors.

This will be an event worth going too; it will be very important night where the foreign exchange students and seniors will be congratulated for their time at Liberty it is going to be a very sad but good night. We are all excited that they have made it through their years of High School at Liberty but we are also going to be sad because they are leaving. So come out to see the graduating class of 2015 graduate at 6:00 p.m. on June 4th.

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