What NOT To Do While Being Recruited


Sports Clip Art (http://l4chie101 .global2.vic.edu. au/files/2013/11 /sport-18dlfmp.jpg)

 One thing to remember is that while you are in the middle of the recruiting process is that what you say is nearly as important as what you don’t say, and vice versa. Every conversation you have, rather it be in person, email, texting, on the phone or something that you put on social media can effect you, rather it be positively or negatively.

If you are interested in going into college sports after you graduate from high school, do not wait until senior year to get started. If you have a dream to play for a specific college, and wait you probably won’t get in. If you are for sure wanting to play for a specific college, contact them sooner rather than later. This highers your chances of landing a scholarship that will be helpful in paying for your schooling. You can even start this process as a freshman to higher your chances!!

While you are talking to the recruiter, don’t talk about other athletes. You are either going to build them up higher than you, or bring them down. Either way it draws the attention away from yourself.

Something that you have known for the longest times is not to post anything you will regret on social media. People can always find it. This could make it or break it for you if you want to be a college athlete. Chris Yandle, the Director of Communications at the University of Miami put it this way, “Live your life, don’t tweet your life.”

The top five important steps to remember that have to happen to start the process are:

  1. The Coach has to open your e-mail or letter
  2. They have to read it!!
  3. They have to have an opening for you to fill
  4. You have to be up to par in your athletic abilities for what they are looking for
  5. You and the coach have to come up with an agreement for your contract

One last thing to remember while you are in the recruiting process is not to give up. Just because you don’t get into your top college, or get the scholarship that you want, there is always one team that will be lucky and happy to have you. Keep going and talking to scouts, eventually you will find your school and team!!



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