Parties Galore and Sad Goodbyes


Many students are graduating right now and so many have already graduated. Personally my favorite part of graduation, as a sophomore, is the parties. So many grads have parties and they’re sad, because they’ll be leaving us, but they are tons of fun and always have fabulous food.

Most parties have a wide range of foods from sweet treats, to barbeque, or even some healthy foods if you’re feeling kind of safe. I’ve noticed that there’s usually a BBQ because that food is easy to prepare and easy to enjoy. Another thing I’ve noticed is that there can be a theme to the parties. They tend to be like birthday parties, but only celebrating seniors.

This year I was invited to many parties for not only seniors graduating from high school, but also seniors graduating from college. Most of the seniors I got party invites from were from my church, and it’s sad for me to see them go because they’ve made such a huge impact on my life and I look up to all of them. I’m extremely sad to see all my senior friends at both school and church go off to college. I have grown rather close to many of them and to know I might see them for a long time really breaks my heart. I know other people feel the same way I do because everybody has friends or family members that are seniors and it’s never easy to see them leave. Luckily for me, I don’t siblings and I don’t have to go through the heartache of sending off my brother or sister, but some of my friend’s brothers and sisters have grown to become like my own siblings so I do feel for them.

I enjoy the fact that I will be up on stage with the Liberty Charter and Victory Charter grads singing for the last time because those people are like my little choir family now and being up there with them will definitely be a memory I will never forget. Singing with those students has always been a party of sorts because it’s constantly entertaining and full of surprises. The last song we share, Jump by Eddie VanHaylen, will be a party because it will be so much fun but I know I’ll cry because I’m going to miss them. That’s what happens at grad parties. Parents and students all cry because they see their children and friends about to embark on a new journey in life and no one wants to see them go, but at the same time we’re all very proud of all the things they’ve accomplished.