60% of Students in Nampa Stayed Home After Virus Outbreak

virus outbreak- lchs patriot pressRecently there was a major virus outbreak in the Nampa- Caldwell area. This caused hundreds of kids from all over the Treasure Valley to become sick with a virus. Symptoms that were observed were violent vomiting and diarrhea. These are symptoms of a virus known as Norovirus.


Last Friday, there were approximately 495 students who stayed home. It is unclear whether the parents kept them home; either because they were concerned or stayed home sick. The concern was first raised when 160 students went home sick the day before Thursday.

According to Laurie Boston, spokeswoman for the Southwest District of Health. The sickness is believed to be a disease known as Norovirus. It has not been confirmed yet. This disease is highly contagious, accessible by touching an infectious surface or being in contact with an infected person. It is recommended to wear disposable rubber gloves, wash surfaces with disinfectant and/or bleach, and wash all articles of clothing. Also, increase your hygiene practices. ( i.e. washing your hands more often)

Norovirus is a virus that is most common with humans. This virus is highly contagious. One can get this virus by ingesting contaminated materials. It doesn’t take a large amount of contaminated materials to get the norovirus. Small amounts of infected feces or fluids such as: food or water. Water may have been contaminated during processing and handling.

The norovirus is also known as the common, “stomach flu.” Because the disease is highly contagious, it is important for caretakers of the ill to clean their hands whenever they come into contact with the ill person or the ill persons environment.

The symptoms of the norovirus that people usually experience are vomiting or watery diarrhea, but some experienced both. This sickness can last for two or three days and it resolves itself.

For those who have been infected with this illness need to make sure to stay hydrated. Fluids that are high in electrolytes and sugars. If the infected person cannot take in a continuously adequate amount of fluid, intravenous fluids are recommended.

People should stay home for 24 hours after symptoms go away. This will help prevent the spread of the virus.

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