Alabama school hires former FBI agent to monitor students on social media

In order to eliminate threats to students on campus, a district in Huntsville, Alabama employed the skills of a retired FBI agent through a company called “T&W Inc”. Part of the reason they considered this a viable option and then took action, was because of a threat made to a high school teacher by a student. Said student was found later to have brought an eight inch blade to the school grounds.

Since then, fourteen other students have been expelled. Their expulsions were supported by their social media activity, leading members of the school board to think that further investment in this kind of program could be beneficial to them and to other school districts. One school in Los Angeles paid a tech firm $40,500 to oversee the activity of both high school and middle school students on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

After last July, a law went into effect that allows the school authority to look at a student'”The key to everything is, we have to be notified … because there is no way we could monitor all the Facebook accounts and e-mail accounts and tweets and Twitters and all that,” said Wayne Blanton, the executive director of the Florida School Boards Association. “We have 2.8 million students, but if it’s reported, our teachers, our principals, our school resource officers are receiving extensive training and acting immediately on that.”