Chinese Nail House

China is trying to build a highway in the same spot where a nail house was built for about 95,000 dollars, so the family who owns the nail is deciding to refuse to move or let them destroy the nail house . the nail house is built around an active highway that had cost only 41,000 dollars , not nearly as much as the nail house was . the nail house is called Xinguha only for the reason that its been said to be the toughest nail house there is in china because of how old it is , and since its in the middle of a active highway putting it and the workers in danger. The owner of the nail house did agree to move the nail houses location in about two years but with no exclamation as to why they had changed their minds besides that they said they are growing tired of tall of the attention . The nail house is not exactly a actual nail house but only called a nail house due to the fact of how long its been standing and how tough it is , not for the fact that it makes nails or other industrial materials .