Australian Fugitive Found in Idaho Falls

A few weeks ago the town of Idaho Falls was seen on multiple headlines around Idaho. A seventy-three-year-old man, Michael Hand, one of Australia’s most wanted men, was found lying low in Idaho Falls under the alias of Michael Jon Fuller after he had been missing for thirty- five years. He was approached at a... Continue Reading →


The Classic

The 21 of November we will be able to watch one of the best matches in the world having in the field of the Santiago Bernabeu Real madrid and FC Barcelona. All the years they play at least two matches one in each field for this year the schedule is the next: Saturday November 21,... Continue Reading →

Terrorist attacks in Paris

On last Friday evening three teams of terrorists attacked at least six locations in Paris. It was confirmed that 129 people died during these attacks, 352 are wounded and 99 of those are seriously injured. During a soccer match between France and Germany, three suicide bombers detonated their bombs outside the stadium, which killed one... Continue Reading →

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