Terrorist attacks in Paris

On last Friday evening three teams of terrorists attacked at least six locations in Paris. It was confirmed that 129 people died during these attacks, 352 are wounded and 99 of those are seriously injured.

During a soccer match between France and Germany, three suicide bombers detonated their bombs outside the stadium, which killed one civilian. The terrorists opened fire in front of at least three different restaurants and bars, killing 39 persons, they always arrived in black cars according to eyewitnesses. During a concert of the band “Eagles of Death Metal” in the Bataclan, three attackers shot at the audience and took hostages. They gave a brief speech involving Syria, Iraq and the Arabic phrase “God is great”. French elite police units entered the concert hall at 12:20 am and killed one of the attackers, the other two detonate suicide belts as the police arrived. 89 people died in the Bataclan this evening, not including the terrorists. There was another attack later where a suicide bomber blew himself up in a restaurant, but no one else died.

Many raids and arrests in Europe and airstrikes in Syria were France’s reaction. The terror organization ISIS claimed responsibility for all of the attacks on this evening.


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