The Classic

The 21 of November we will be able to watch one of the best matches in the world having in the field of the Santiago Bernabeu Real madrid and FC Barcelona.

All the years they play at least two matches one in each field for this year the schedule is the next:

Saturday November 21, Santiago Bernabéu 6:15 pm spanish hour, 10:15 am U.S.

April 2016 Camp Nou (time and day to be confirmed)

Now we talk about the stars that make this game so special.

We start with CR7 the professional player from Portugal, actually in his team he is not doing very well the last two matches but the fans are with him and in big matches he always became in reality who is, he scored 13 goals against Barcelona in eleven  matches.

Lionel Messi the professionale player fro
Argentina is back 5 days before the crucial game against Real Madrid, Lionel Messi has been out since suffering torn knee ligament in September.
Messi trained with Barcelona on Monday for first time in seven weeks

Other cracks are Neymar the Brazilian player that scored a couple weeks ago an awesome goal, from Colombia we have James Rodriguez he is doing a great season being regular and always giving the best from him thats thing  the fans liked so James have a good support up in the field.
It will be a minute of silence in honor to the act happened the last weekend on the game disputed y France against Germany.

This type of matches have a lot of history:

During the last three decades, the rivalry has been augmented by the modern Spanish tradition of the Pasillo, where one team is given the guard of honor by the other team, once the former clinches the La Liga trophy before El Clásico takes place. This has happened in three occasions. First, during El Clásico thattook place on 30 April 1988, where Real Madrid won the championship on the previous round. Then, three years later, when Barcelona won the championship two rounds before El Clásico on 8 June 1991. The last pasillo, and most recent, took place on 7 May 2008, and this time Real Madrid had won the championship.

The two teams met again in the UEFA Champions League semi-final in 2002, with Real Madrid winning 2–0 in Barcelona and a 1–1 draw in Madrid. The match was dubbed by Spanish media as the “Match of the Century”.

Great players from the last years:

CR7,Messi,Figo,Raul,Ronaldinho and the best from each team Maradona from Barcelona and Di Stefano from Real.

Raul always going to be in the history when he scores the goal of the victory and he shut down the mouth of all Camp Nou.



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