domestic violence

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is assault , and / or other abusive behavior as part of systematic patter of

power and control perpetrated by one intimate .domestic violence it is the most famous kinds

of human violence expansion in these days . to explain it is an improvement and we need to fix

what could be fixable .

I will show you in this argument some of the examples of the most famous domestic violence

  • Telling the victim they can never do anything right.
  • Showing jealousy of the victim’s family and times spend away.
  • Keeping the victim from seeing friends and family members.
  • Shaming or impressing the victim with put downs.
  • Taking the victim’s money or refusing to give them money for expenses.
  • Acting in ways that scared the person they are abusing.
  • Controlling who the victim sees where they go and where they do.
  • Preventing the victim from do their own decision.
  • Telling the victim that they are bad parent or threatening to hurt or kill the victim’s friends loved ones or pets.
  • Intimidating the victim with guns or knives or other weapons.
  • Pressuring to have sex when they don’t want to or to do things sexually they are not comfortable with.
  • Forcing sex with others.
  • Refusing to use protection when having sex or sabotaging birth control.
  • Pressing the victim to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Preventing the victim from working or attending school. Harassing the victim at either
  •   Keeping their victim  up all night so they perform badly at their job or in school
  • Destroying the victim’s property

We have to know that domestic violence is not always manifested as physical , emotional, or

psychological but most of it is physically this is bad because when the victim get hurt

physically it affect him emotionally and psychologically, but when the victim get hurt

emotionally does not affect his body and the same thing wit psychological.

Additionally.  When the victim escapes from the abuser to get help or to be safe, therefore,

The negative feelings as losing the battle and it follows that a huge memories of the violence

and who knows when they will get rid of it. It could stay forever and it is not fair because

the abuser does the violence to get what the abuser want for a short period of time and he

doesn’t think what his actions could cause or that he does not care which is selfish .

We realized now what the domestic violence is, And now we have to understand what domestic

Violence can cause and how can we prevent our self from it  and the results .
There are three types of motives domestic violence:

  1. (self motivation) It is that stem from the same person and this type divided into two types also .
  • The problems or the violence that is exposed to it, when he was a kid or kid or watching violence or pornographic clips before the required age.
  • He could get this from genetic factor because the parent did something they should not do it.


  1. (economic motives) most of the times the parent use this to dump the negative charge

because of the economic pressures and luck of money.


  1. (Social motives) most of who has these motives are the parent and teenagers because of the work pressures or psychological distress or relational pressures between their partners or someone else.

Result violence is not ensue just on the victim but extends more than that, as follows.

  • The impact of violence on the victim : emergence psychological contract into medical conditions.
  • The impact of violence on the family : the victim will try to put his revenge from the domestic violence he suffered on his family or when the victim grow up and build his own family.
  • The impact of violence on the society : we all know the family is the biggest pole in the society and any threat on the family will affect the society.



To prevent our society from domestic violence we have to join hands, and these are some ideas

that could decrease domestic violence.

  • The family: decreasing from scenes of violence in the television.
  • Media: exploit the spacers Ad broadcasting awareness massages.
  • School: contribute ideas and opinions to curb the problems.
  • Governmental intuitions: find centers for those for affected from domestic violence and attention to their cases and protection and repletion.


  • The examples from ( NCADV )
  • The picture,

Cryling little asian girl tired of earing


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