Gender Pay Wage Gap

gender pay wage

Throughout history, discrimination against women has been a constant battle; from not having the right to vote until 1918 to the recent issue of the gap between men and women’s paychecks. For decades, women have consistently proven themselves equal to men in many areas of profession, yet there is still a rather large disparity of pay wage between the two genders. Women who put out the same efficiency in the workplace as men are still paid significantly less. The problem of the gender wage gap needs to be addressed for three specific reasons: Women lose out on educational and career opportunities, the United States sets the example on women’s equality for the rest of the world, and single mothers are forced to work multiple jobs to get by.
As men advance into higher education, women are left behind. Because of the lower wages, women get paid less per paycheck, prolonging the time it takes for women to save up for higher education such as college. According to American Association of University Women, even after college, Women have more student debt to pay off than men. In 2008, men had 11% less student loan debt than women did after graduation. As women graduate, they know that there is a significant difference in pay between men and women in a majority of jobs. In Bryce Cobert’s article, “Here’s Why We Know the Gender Gap Really Does Exist,” says that as a result of this, many women go into jobs such as teachers and nurses to ensure equal pay. If women continue to enter jobs only to ensure that they are paid the same amount as men then it diminishes the amount of women in important occupations, such as engineering or sciences.
Over the last century, the United States has been a model of democracy and equality. If America doesn’t provide equal wages for women who have the same education, and experience as men, then the example America tries to set is no longer valid. Global Issues reports that women are half the world’s population; their voices should be equally represented and on equal terms with men and equal pay wages would ensure that equality.
There are some who argue that women are not paid less because of gender, but instead because of occupation. The Republican National Committee said, “The disparity exists because a female social worker makes less than a male engineer.” This statement is not true, the paycheck difference exists between men and women in the same occupation. According to Claudia Goldin, Harvard University, women who work as financial specialists earn only 66% of what men earn in the same field; which is contrary to what the Republican National Committee had stated.
Single parent homes are becoming more common in society. Pay wage gap between gender is not only a problem of equality, it’s also devastating for homes that rely on single mothers. reports, “In 2014, female full-time workers only made 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 21 percent.” In one day, a single mother would make 23 cents less per dollar than a single father. 45 percent of all single mothers are supported by government assistance; compared to only 21 percent of single fathers, according to
Due to the pay wage discrepancy, there’s lack of women in important occupations that could have an influence in society. In order for America to continue to be a leader to other countries, it must equalize the wages between men and women. America must strive to be an example to other countries by creating equal wages to keep a majority of single mother families alive. As a nation America needs to collectively realize that this gender gap is no small matter and America’s government needs to take action to fight the unequal wage gap between men and women.

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