Gun Control: There Is No Easy Solution

Gun control, 2nd amendment rights so everyone be able to carry guns or a total recall on guns so no one can possess them; both sides have made many claims, but neither side is right because they aren’t ready to compromise. This issue is fairly black and white, consisting of people who want all gun rights or people who want to ban all guns on the face of the Earth all because they don’t want to meet eye to eye and create a compromise that can finally put this problem to rest.

The debate of whether we should or should not ban guns is a problem that will most likely not be resolved anytime soon. The solution is not easy, but it should start around something like this; citizens should be able to own and carry firearms in public, everywhere just not concealed, so it lets everyone know they have a gun. The flip side is carrying a conceived weapon is pointless unless the individual is planning on something illegal. Background checks are a good idea for people who are planning on purchasing a gun because it  helps authority stop crime and let people buy guns. A huge problem with gun control is that both sides use scapegoats, stories that blame something from real life consequences that involved guns either for better or for worse. People tend to only focus on the person affected and not the issue at hand. These are just ploys to convince you to a side and not a real argument, but more or less propaganda.

Crime will always happen, there is no stop to it. People think that the minute they get rid of guns crime will basically disappear in general, but factually they are wrong. According to Sean Davis, a pro-gun control writer who wrote in opposition to the Washington Post states that The FBI statistics show that knives have been used as a murder weapon far more often than rifles. In 2013, knives or other cutting instruments were used to kill 1,490. In contrast, rifles were the cause of death of 285 murder victims.” Other types of firearms across the country show the same type of result, a knife or knife like object is used about five times more than a gun. This shows the problem that no one is willing to accept, when criminals don’t have guns they use other things such as knives and when there is debate for a knife ban to be in place just like a gun ban, criminals will then find a new weapon to commit crimes. The point is, criminals will always find weapons to commit crimes so banning guns won’t solve the issue entirely like some people think.

Another issue with banning guns, is that political figures seem to be blind to the fact that criminals don’t follow laws so banning guns won’t stop criminals from finding a way to get guns. And with that does, that make anyone who wants to purchase and own a firearm a criminal. A problem  popping up lately is that now people are starting to put race in the gun control debate. According to a study the Washington Post did states that 47.3 percent of those convicted for federal gun crimes were black — a racial disparity larger than any other class of federal crimes, including drug crimes. And now because people put race in the matter if a black person tries to buy a gun they could be denied to buy a gun because of racial profiling.Which could mean their rights are denied and causes more problems than it fixes.

People need to get real, the government won’t come steal your guns and crime won’t end, but we still need to settle this. Simple, let people buy and own guns just with limitations when in public. When people see how easy this debate can be settled, there is no debate.



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