Cruz Hernandez

Poverty is something that many people go through in the world that we live in. This occurs because of societies and where the people live. In the U.S., for example, there are not many people who die because of poverty, but in a huge city such as Hong Kong, China, there are many people who die solely because of the fact that the amount of income many people need to pay to live in Hong Kong is very high, so even if the family is working, they can not afford to live in a house or apartment.


“ About 21,000 people die everyday of hunger or hunger related causes, according to the United Nations”. (Poverty.com). This should not be happening right now around the world. There is a lot of food in the world, and definitely enough for these starving people. “The problem is that hungry people are trapped in severe poverty”. This is a ridiculously high number that should not be there, especially just because of hunger or hunger related causes. Most of the people who end up dieing are children because of malnutrition.


Something needs to be done about this. One way that this can be solved is by having the governments of the countries where the people are suffering start to make it a goal to complete, to help those who need food and to not be in poverty anymore. When I think of somewhere that has a lot of poverty, I think of Africa. There are always people saying how much people need to think of Africa when they start talking about places that we need to help in terms of food, and it is so true. Africa has often been known as a place where help is needed to survive, and it is only getting worse as more and more people continue to die because of the lack of food.The governments of the countries in Africa need to help with their citizens as much as possible if they want to have a great economy someday.


Another thing that countries need to do is lower the cost of living. As I mentioned earlier, Hong Kong is also yet another place where poverty tends to occur. This is not because families can’t get jobs, but rather they can’t afford to live in an apartment because it is so expensive. These people who end up homeless do not have minimum wage jobs either, but have good paying jobs, but just can’t afford the cost of living. Hong Kong is a very big city with very rich people in it, but even with those people, the property owners need to lower the cost of living, because poverty is so abundant in Hong Kong.


The final thing that needs to change if the rate of poverty is to go down is the price for things that are necessary to live, such as food. Food is extremely overpriced in today’s society, and food should not cost that much to just eat and survive, and this is the reason why so many people are in poverty and are dieing because of poverty. Food suppliers are making their products so expensive that people can’t buy it to even eat.


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