Prices of Coffee

i love coffee
“Everyone Loves Coffee.”

Coffee beans date back to early 1500’s according to National Coffee Association. Coffee recipes have been passed down for many generations with many different twists and turns until coffee business decided to give their recipe nationwide by providing coffee shops. Some coffee shops fail while others do so well they become an enterprise. The coffee enterprises make a lot of money each day by providing coffee to their customers.

Customers also buy coffee beans from those coffee enterprises, such as Starbucks. In 2015 coffee beans went down in international price. As stated in NY Times 2015″The futures price for standard Arabica, the benchmark for premium coffee, peaked in October and fell 44 percent in world markets by July 6.” When coffee prices fell Starbucks raised their prices. Coffee prices should have gone down if the international coffee beans fell 44%.  Americans have been paying to much for their coffee since July of 2015.

Starbucks lowering their prices would better suit our environment. Coffee drinkers spend on average $14.40 a week says ABC news. If the price was just 10 cents lower coffee drinkers would save about $36 a year. The enterprises would be making less money but the amount they get is still greater than double the cost of coffee itself. Along with how much it costs coffee has been proven to be just as addictive as cigarettes. Coffee is addictive because of its caffeine content. “Half the subjects were coffee drinkers and half were cola lovers. Only one was a tea drinker. All reported having great difficulty giving up caffeine, despite worries that it was harming their health.” This is from NY times Dr. Griffiths experiment with caffeine. Caffeine is just as difficult to give up and is found in most drinks. If coffee enterprises lower their prices of coffee then caffeine addicts will still get their caffeine, just for cheaper and be able to spend money on food or clothes. Since people get addicted to coffee some people can go broke or homeless because they spend so much on coffee. If that happens they can’t buy coffee anymore and the franchise loses money from a regular customer. Some coffee shops give their employees coffee after their shift because they can afford the cheap coffee being free for the employees.

Coffee franchises need to lower their prices. Lowering their prices will better help the community and will not effect the enterprises. By franchises lowering their prices the enterprise might even gain money because competitors can’t compete with their prices. Coffee is addicting and people waste their money on expensive coffee when they could save their money. Coffee drinkers need to pay less for coffee.


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