Fortune Thiao

10 th English


Along years and years ,there have been differences made between human beings. One of

them is racism. Some people believe it’s been abolished. Despite , racism still in America.Racism should end because the color of the skin is not a justification for racism and also not for the economic problems of the country and because it has already cause a lot of dead people and finally we have another kind of racism.

There is still racism in our countryAccording a social experiment on Facebook or Youtube by Prank Nation ( https://youtu.be/2UFK623phj0 ) there still racism in the US .Despite all the movements and revolutions and fights an d great speeches ,people haven’t gone over it yet.Not everyone is racist but in some areas as the Southerner statesthere is more racism. The south east is definitely the place with most racist people.

According to the AFRIKAN VOICE the ten most racist states are located in thesouth east.We have some great peoples from the past that fought so hard for that to end.The fight is still with some people on YouTube ,Facebook,or any others social networks.Therefore there still racism in America.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The racism now ,according to a wise men that we met,is not real racism .He argued that racism is being rejected in place or districts because of the color of you your skin.From a personal experience,at a church someone wouldn’t shake my hands because I’m black or someone wouldn’t sit by me because I’m black.its another kind of racism.That is the point we still have racism but in another way.People won’t tell you that they are racist but still they are .

Another point is that now on we have racism and many sorts of discrimination between black people themselves . according to an image posted by Donald Trump,the black people kill more black people than any ther kind of race.The United has been a country full of diversity and we have people from all over the world comming in the US and ity was and is called land of opprtunity.Now we have another problem other than racism between black and white people ,now we have a major a problem.the mexicans are taking over the united states .They live here illegally and take over the jobs and economic interest.That is understandble but what is not is to hate them because they have a darker skin.Brievly that shows that Americans ,not all of them ,dont like  people that have darker skin than them.Therefore racism is not a justification for the country’s problem or racism .

The color of skin is not just sometghing normal not to make differences between people .for example people in Africa have darker skin because of the constant sun and that their skin needs pigments to be able to resist to a skin burn.Then what is the point of racism .

According to a woman met in Georgia, for a job needed white people should always get it because they deserve it.White have created electricity ,found a lot of ressouces that the world use now.God has created us equaly and all men,either you’re black or white ,yellow or red ,were born the same way.No men is better than any other.Some people say that they belive in CHRIST and are racist ,those people are lyers.JESUS said to love each other as you love yourself . Its hard to love everyone but still therreis no point of hating each other because of the color of their skin.God loves us no matter who you are no matter how you look an d no matter what you did.Then who are we humans to judge people by their skin or what they do.Therefore ,we should not have because God has created us equally.

This kind of discrimination has been between people over years and years but it’s getting more important and has led to a lot of dead people .We had some people that were really extrem such as Adolph Hitler .Still we have some great people that have been fighting such as Martin L King Jr,Nelson Mandela ,Abraham Lincon….and many others but we still have racism .Its not that those people didnt fight well but hte point is people just don’t want ot get rid of it.That made us loose a lot a lot of people .

In conclusion,racism is still in our world now despite all the fights from some brave people.Racism should end because the color of the skin is not a justification for racism and also not for the economic problems of the country and because it has already cause a lot of dead people and finally we have another kind of racism.Despite all of that will it be a day that racism will be definitly over and how could we do that?



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