Refugees in Europe

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Everything started with the so called “Arabic spring”. The Arabic spring was a revolution of protests and demonstrations in North Africa in December 2010. These people were fighting for more human rights and the democratization of their countries and, according to Britannica, against corruption, poverty, and political repression.  Due to no major changes the peaceful demonstrations sifted in more violent ones and a civil war broke out. In the following years, a group of radical Islamic formed who call themselves the “Islamic state”. This “state” is fighting for the ideals of the holy Quran. These ideals consist of the “Islamization” of all countries and are equal to a totalitarian state. A group of people who are fleeing from war, destruction and death have become known as refugees. They come from the Balkans or the seaway to Europe. This movement was predicted years ago, but nothing was done to prevent it. In the beginning as that crowd came to Europe most population were positive about the refugees, but over time this thought became rejection. All politicians weren’t confident about the role of their country. All people started blaming their problems on the refugees. To make it worse some ISIS terrorists attacked Paris.  It’s needed to be added that one of these terrorists came as refugee to Europe.  The whole world was shocked, but soon after people started blaming refugees even more than before.  Now humans from all over the world are asking themselves: Are terrorists under the refugees, and are the refugees’ bad for Europe?

In the following three paragraphs I’ll show why refugees are not bad for Europe and especially Germany, based on security, economics and education.

Starting off with the fear refugees bring to Europe. The biggest factor why people are against refugees is that they fear radical group members, who could easily come to Europe. This fear gets supported by attacks from these groups. A major example is the attacks on Paris in 2015. Over 100 citizens died that day and more than ever the population is against refugees because one of the terrorists came as refugee to Europe. So, because one of ten terrorists came as refuge to Europe all are bad? A big German magazine concluded that “not a wrong refugee brought the terror to Europe”(Spiegel Magazine, 11.16.2015). That very well summarizes that out of 1.3 million asylums less than a handful are actually Islamists. Coming to a part of Germany that refugees actually improve. Economics particularly Export is very important for Germany.

In the last 40- 50 years the number of German citizens has continuously shrunk. A Lot experts say that in the future according to the impact of demographic change the German government can’t pay pensioner their rent anymore because there aren’t enough workers, who can pay taxes. Here the refugees can help out. In the following year when they find a new job and start working, they will pay taxes so the country will earn more money. Another good thing is that the average birthrate of northern African families is above 2 so Germany might get more children again. People could argue now that refugees cost a lot before they actually start working, but according to another German newsletter, the “FAZ”, German economics will raise by 1.7% in the next five years only by refugees. To get the bases on that education is essential.

Education is the key for modern society. It could be argued that refugees steal school funds, but reality is that German schools suffer from low attendance because there aren’t enough students. Eventually there will be new schools built and more money will be invested in necessary education. This is a win-win idea by getting more future opportunities. The parents will also be able to learn but also their learn the language quicker and be able to get jobs within their field they could not get without being language proficient.

In the end it definitely can be said that refugees aren’t as a whole as bad as people describe them. In their attempt to find a better they would rather help us to bring peace than the destruction of war. They are not much different than we are, in their desire to make a better life for their children and the future. They have the unfortunate role of being easy targets to blame when the need arises.


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