The Defeat of the Olympian

1The result of a young teenage driver on the road.

On November 14, last night, Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey came together in Melbourne, Australia for the UFC 193 bantamweight title. Both competitors entered the Octagon undefeated but only one woman left the Octagon undefeated. Holly Holm triumphed over Ronda Rousey in the second round with a terrifying head kick for the knockout. Holm went into the fight as a major underdog and that obviously changed when she thrashed Rousey only six minutes into the fight.

Holm said that she had never practiced and prepared herself as much as she did for her historic battle against Ronda Rousey. Rousey was unable to be interview due to the fact that she was immediately transported to the nearest Emergency Room. Holm used her signature straight punch several times during the fight to dismantle Rousey’s defense for the win.

Early in the first round Rousey actually scored a nice takedown with a headlock but Holm kept patient and easily slipped out of the hold by using an armbar which is technique that makes the competitor comply because they want to keep their arm in one piece. Holm had to release Rousey so they could get the fight back to the feet. After Rousey initial headlock she wasn’t successful at landing anymore solid punches or takedowns. Holm controlled the fight the whole time.

Before UFC, Holly Holm was an extremely talented boxer and these past experiences in the ring led to Holm being such an incredible mixed martial arts fighter and ultimately the biggest upset this year of sports history. Rousey’s undefeated UFC career had ended abruptly on Saturday night with that devastating knockout kick to the head just 59 seconds in to the second round which is the first time that Rousey has ever even fought in the second round in her UFC career.

Every single time that the former Olympian, Rousey, tried to take the lead and play offense she was quickly thwarted by Holm. Holm and her world renowned coaches and strategists made sure that everything that Holm did in the Octagon was the perfect move for her. In the end it was her entire team that led her to the final kick that sent Rousey unconsciously crashing to the canvas. After Rousey hit the floor Holm came flying in with a strike to the head and the shoulder but the damage was already done; Ronda Rousey was defeated for the first time.

In the end it wasn’t the kick to the head that amounted to the knockout but all of the jabs and straight punches and oblique kicks that wore Rousey out and then the final kick to the head that sent Rousey off the edge and onto the mat for the last time of the match. Everything that Holm did was told to do by her coaches and team members and that showed Holm’s composure and unselfishness in the Octagon. All of the little things that Holm did during the fight added up to the victory against the (until now) undefeated Olympian Ronda Rousey.

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