Eliseo Ortiz

Mr. Schimdt

Sophomore English


Children in the U.S. have grown more obese in the past 30 years. It is no secret that the U.S. is hurled jokes/stereotypes about their people being obese, but the thing about stereotypes is that they usually have a hint of truth. Adults that are obese can trace their obesity all the way back to their childhood/adolescence. If children are not taught healthy eating and activity habits while they are young, they might have unhealthy eating/activity habits when they grow older.

One of the many factors that cause children to become overweight/obese, is the introduction of technology/the easier access to the Internet. Before the Internet became as popular/accessible as it is now, kids had to find other forms of entertainment. They had to actually go out there and

Parents can also be contributing to this epidemic in the U.S. Parents are so scared of their children being underweight, that their paranoia is their child’s downfall, leading them to become overweight.

Due to advances in technology, life has become more user-friendly. People are now driving cars instead of biking or walking, machines making work easier requiring less physical work from the people, and the lack of efficient physical education classes in school. Many are putting in extra hours at work and claim that they do not have the time to do physical activities at home and finish all the work that is required by their jobs. People spend hours on end in front of a screen doing work, school work, or simply taking their leisurely time.

A solution to this epidemic is to, while children are young, introduce them to more effective Physical Education classes. Adding more extraneous exercises, besides the classic dodgeball or cup-stacking, would be beneficial to all. Incorporating exercises such as push ups, pull-ups, planking, squats, etc. and having a two-four weekly quota..

Another factor is the increasing advertisements of high-calorie, nutrient-deficient food. Places such as fast food places, restaurants, advertise to no end about how delicious their product is. What they do not advertise is how nutrient deficit. How unhealthy those delicious cheeseburgers are. Since the average weight has gone up over the years, parents see their children and their peers, realize that their peers are the same size and that some are even bigger than their kid. So they put two and two together and come to the  conclusion that their kid is not overweight.

Another factor as to why obesity rates have gone up is that America’s economy has gone down. Food Insecurity is another major reason. Low income families cannot afford to buy the more costly yet healthier foods such as, chicken, vegetables, etc, and instead opt to go for the more readily available food source: bad food. Food such as fast food places, junk food like chips, soda, etc.

Enforcing a physical quota approximately every 2 to 4 weeks, there will over time be a decrease in the amount of people that are overweight. The idea is to build a stronger, healthier America. A country that will no longer be the target for jokes about obesity in the country and that will no longer be overweight. America will be fit and healthy again.

Changing the school lunches that students are given will be a huge factor in helping maintain a healthy country. America’s school lunches are one more thing that is it burled about. Google imaging “american school lunches”, there will be a multitude of some of the nastiest school lunches imaginable.

Something that will help with the improvement of Ameica’s youth is educating them about the cons of being overweight/obese and the pros of being physically active. Starting of with the cons of being physically inactive, those who are physically inactive ofen

Channeling into the pros, participating in physical activity will help with the development of healthy bones and muscles. People who are physically active also have a boosted, stronger immunity system, help reduce the probability of receiving diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. Self-esteem levels will also boost up.


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