School Uniforms


            According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, “16.5% of all the public schools in the United States required students to wear uniforms.” It’s argued that school uniforms bring equality to every student so that everyone feels like they are all treated the same. Students that attend schools with this rule now have had to deal with the fact of their right being taken away. It’s unreasonable to students that they can’t wear in school what they like or what they wear daily outside of school. Schools set school uniforms to show fairness because in almost every school, there is a problem with what’s appropriate and distracting. This only adds to why kids don’t enjoy attending school. Why not encourage school uniforms? As it’s shown on, it’s said about 80% of people agree that it’s financially expensive, and school uniforms don’t allow students to express themselves in their own way.

According to the Morning Call News of 2014, there have been about 2,500 requests to the government from parents asking for money to be able to pay for their children’s school uniforms. One big situation families are being put in when a school uniform is expected is struggling to provide them for their children. Schools want families to have their children wear uniforms for the many years they attend, but don’t take into consideration the amount of money guardians have to put towards the cause. It’s stated in Greater Greater Education, “ The average cost parents pay for school uniforms is $249.” Over the years, the children grow out of their uniforms; therefore, they have to go buy a new sets. The money only adds up and can get extremely expensive; therefore, becoming a big problem for parents or guardians.

As stated by Joshua Evans in his article on the effects of dress codes,”The school dress code has been credited with improving academic achievment, improving school pride, and encourage self esteem while projecting an image consistent with success.” Instead of trying to express justice through school uniforms, the research Joshua Evans did shows that dress codes allow students to be themselves and strive for doing their best work in school. Schools in Colorado, Atlanta, as well as many other priority charter schools have applied dress codes to their list of rules, and have seen it benefit kids in how they focus and feel towards going to school. As it’s seen on the Chatt Hills Charter School site, their main purpose for school dress code is to create a safe and respectful community where students can place their sole focus on learning. Dress codes allow kids to be creative and nondistracting at school, they boost kids confidence in themselves, and allows them to work efficiently.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution says that everyone has the right to express themselves freely. This can’t be kept if kids have the decision of what to wear being taken away. Schools that have this as a nonnegotiable decision don’t allow students to express themselves because they have no choice. It’s not fair for students to be violated from a certain school because they choose not to accept the rule of school uniforms. Students should be able to come to school confident in how they look and feel. Kids should feel good about themselves and how they come dressed to school everyday.

School uniforms aren’t the only way to show equality in all the students. Establishing school dress codes can be easily established and respected. According to Fresno Pacific University, dress codes can possibly improve academic success, reduce violence, and increase the safety of students, reduce class/economic envy and improve deteriorating schools. By schools starting dress codes, it creates a fair environment as well as a strong learning environment.

Updated dress codes help the way kids work at school as well as how they feel about themselves. School uniforms are a problem financially and don’t let kids display who they want to be. Children should be able to decide how they choose to go to school. Instituting dress codes is a more useful way to show equality in students and provide a solid and positive learning environment.


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