Self-Esteem Levels of Women


Self-Esteem Levels of Women

Each woman that enters into the world is set up for self-esteem problems at a young age. Women are immediately introduced to the fashion industry and social media which shows a fictional world not reality. Also, other peers may negatively affect their self-esteem by making insecure women believe negative thoughts about themselves. Their self-esteem problems will continue to rise as they get older and go through physical stages that increase hormones in their body. “These hormonal changes make women more sensitive to emotional nuance, such as disapproval or rejection” a neuropsychiatrist at the University of California said when interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

Today’s society revolves around social media and this is a detrimental factor to a woman’s self-esteem level. Social media is constantly highlighting the perfect and most beautiful actors and actresses. Also, the magazines put out on social media that tell average women how to look and feel better, make women who read those magazines think that they are not able to attain beauty and that they are ugly. The magazine is supposed to help the woman to attain greater beauty, but it actually makes them realize more of their flaws. What regular people do not take from the highlights of the perfect woman is that, that’s not reality. Reality is who they are and who they are becoming. If women view their lives as reality when they see the perfect women on social media, they will have more positive thoughts about the life they are living.

Bullying is an issue throughout all schools, but the effects of bullying impacts others in a greater way than just causing bodily harm. This is shown when the bully affects a women’s balance of positive to negative thoughts. If the women are bullied at a young age and the bully engraves thoughts of self-pity into those women’s minds, the women starts to believe what the bully is saying about them. As the women begin to view these negative thoughts about them as truth, they begin to have a negative mindset about themselves and their self-esteem begins to diminish. This issue can be resolved by regular anti-bulling policies that schools have. Also, women that are being bullied should be encouraged to stick up for themselves and talk to someone about the issue. This will allow the bullied women to have positive thoughts that are not immediately shot down by the bully.

The factors that affect a woman’s self-esteem not only come from their environment, but also come from their own body. Once women begin to have their period, they experience hormonal surges in their bodies up to four days before their period even starts. These surges are caused by the rising of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone in their body. This rise in hormones makes women accept feedback from others in different ways. Depending on where the women are at in their cycle, influences whether the feedback builds them up, or causes them to hate themselves even more. This issue is constantly in women’s lives, but it only affects them for a short period of time while they are on their periods.

Women have low self-esteem issues and people can be the cause and solution to their issue. The people that negatively impact women’s self-esteem need to change their views about women and begin to build them back up. These people can do this by being a friendly guide for them when they are having a rough time or when they are on their periods. Also, people can compliment women when they are feeling down. A little complement to a self-conscious person can go a long way in building their self-esteem. The confidence that someone believes in the low self-esteem women and cares for the women is a moral boost that will eventually get her self-esteem up.


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