Health Issues Healthcare has a big variation between the people who can afford it and the people that are unable to. The people that have the amount of money to pay for healthcare live longer than those who do not. Equality, money, and access to healthcare are the main differences in healthcare with different... Continue Reading →


Lower Adoptions Prices

Children are the next generation of life so every choice we make can affect them in a dramatic way. That’s why adoption can affect the kids that are orphans or in the foster program. It can determine whether a child is able to have a home, family and education. According to the US Department of... Continue Reading →

School lunches in America

America has been known for having one of the biggest population of obese people, and why is that. It all starts with the school lunch’s that they had. All those greasy pizzas and salty fries that they had did not help them. But, schools did start making the lunch much healthier over the year, sacrificing... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Teenage Drivinig

If you have ever been in a car crash then you would be familiar with the sound of brakes grinding away and the sound glass shattering into a million pieces then you would also understand the horror of car crashes. The minimum age to obtain a driver’s license is 15 years old. According the Centers for... Continue Reading →

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