Health Issues

Healthcare has a big variation between the people who can afford it and the people that are unable to. The people that have the amount of money to pay for healthcare live longer than those who do not. Equality, money, and access to healthcare are the main differences in healthcare with different people. Healthcare is an important resource for everyone to have no matter the conditions.

Healthcare should be equal to everyone no matter the amount of money available or the money a person has. According to US News “if you want to get an idea of the gap between the worlds’s sickest and the healthiest people, don’t fly to a faraway land. Just look around the United States”. This shows that the sickest and the healthiest people can live close together. Money is the only difference between the sick and the healthy. Healthcare can be expensive with certain conditions a person is found in. Even though it can be expensive: donations, fundraisers or charity events can be made to help families pay for certain healthcare that is needed.  Families who do not have the money to pay for healthcare for either their kids or themselves deserve help in paying for the care that is needed.

Everyone has the right to healthcare. According to Newsweek a quarter of adults, ages 19 and up, with a chronic condition have skipped a dose of their medicine or did not fill a prescription, even if they met the criteria for being uninsured, because of the cost they would have to pay out of their pocket. When a person does not have money to pay for something that they need, it is sad to say, but they cannot have that item or that specific thing. Money is a big issue to families that cannot afford to pay for their children’s treatment. 44% of adults have received a lower credit rating because of medical bills and 7% have declared bankruptcy because of the medical bills. Money has a great effect on a person life and healthcare but it is not the only problem towards healthcare.

The lack of access to healthcare systems is also a problem to people. Healthy People site includes the lack of healthcare causing negative effects on quality of life for a person because they could have a lack of availability for certain things like a broken leg, a twisted ankle, or any other problem that makes movement hard for a person. Also Newsweek indicates that healthcare is something most people do not have because of the high cost and the lack of insurance coverage, even when a person has insurance coverage the amount paid out-of-pocket can still be pretty high. The lack of access to healthcare and the high cost of healthcare can cause people to lack healthcare, but that’s only the few little things that prevent a person from receiving healthcare while healthcare is better in the wealthy countries who have the resources to advanced medical technology.

As indicated by The Common Wealth Fund the United States spend more money on health care than Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, etc. Even though the United States have spent more on health care it still shows a poor result in life expectancy. It could be because of the lack of medical technology in the state which makes it hard to find the disease or the problem a person has with their health. This is not only a problem to the people trying to reach out to medical help but it becomes a state problem because it does not allow healthcare help their patients in any way possible. It is hard to cure someone when the problem is not even known. These simple problems can cause a problem with the health of others.

The cost of healthcare, the lack of it, and the difference between the medical technologies used in the different countries has shown how healthcare has been a problem not only to adults but to kids also.


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